Friday, November 12, 2010

Pure Indulgence

I just stumbled upon this piece I wrote as a Writing Class assignment on October 8, 2007 .

Just a whiff of its intoxicating aroma could paralyze anyone worthy of its opulence. A good brew reminds you of that cold winter morning when you were tightly snuggled up in bed and the only reason you wanted to get up was to taste its sumptuous glory. This unassumingly boring looking dark brown grind is anything but dreary. The delicate but strong fragrance it emanates never fails to dance in tune to the energy it stirs up within you.

It is more than just an everyday necessity. It is sunshine on a dark rainy afternoon, brightening up every dull patch you lay your eyes on. Bringing color to the shades of grey and soul to everything lifeless, it is like the ever-so-grateful smile that brightens the face of a homeless man after he's received a morsel to eat. It is like your mother’s tight comforting hug when you’re feeling low or like the first signs of spring after an endless harsh winter.

This stimulating blend of ironies is invigorating yet reassuringly soothing both at once. While it could be your best friend when fatigue hits you hard, an excess would leave you restless enough to pull your hair out. Millions have christened it an addiction. To me, its just pure indulgence.

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